DIGIMET: Recovery of high value metals

Our solution

DIGIMET is based on a modular, innovative and versatile technology; this allows us to provide a service in accordance with the needs of our customers, which can be adapted to different types of waste and different treatment volumes.

In this regard, the solutions are flexible, efficient and profitable in themselves, defining  zero-waste industrial processes with a clear focus on the circular economy.

The technology

DIGIMET technology is protected by two patent families and combines extensive know-how of metallurgical processes with design and industrial engineering applied to recovering high value metals from industrial waste and by-products.

The recovery and valorisation systems are based on high power thermal plasma, whereby pyrometallurgical processes with intensive energy consumption reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.


  • Flexible and versatile
  • Economically profitable in itself
  • Modular
  • Efficient for in-house treatment.
  • Aimed at zero waste processes
  • Adaptable to end user needs
  • High ROI.


Market situation

DIGIMET, based on its patented technology, seeks to provide circular economy solutions through the use of recoverable elements present in industrial waste, with a Zero Waste philosophy and enabling its self-management by waste generators themselves.

We are searching for

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Registration No.

Patent 2005 furnace and method

PCT2006 000032

Patent 2015 Furnace for melting and treting metal