FESIA: Functional electrical stimulation devices for rehabilitation


FESIA’s technology is protected under a patent and two international patent applications. We have implemented it in various therapeutic and neuro-prosthesis devices for people with neurological disorders that require rehabilitation of the upper and lower limbs.

It consists of a single pad of electrodes (up to 32), which makes it possible to control each electrode independently or in a group, improving muscle selectivity and reducing patients’ muscle fatigue.


  • Greater muscle selectivity during stimulation: the use of an electrode with multiple fields allows muscles to contract with greater selectivity. This improves muscle selectivity, increases the patient’s functional performance and reduces muscle fatigue.
  • Automatic calibration: it features an algorithm that uses information from sensors to calibrate itself automatically.
  • Easy integration: the modularity with which it has been designed makes it easy to create hybrid systems.
  • Real-time adaptation: the system can modify a number of activation parameters to improve the quality of the stimulation-induced movement.
  • Portability: Its lightness, small size and lack of cables mean that it can be integrated under any garment, resulting in portable systems.

Potential Market

  • Rehabilitation and therapeutic markets.

Market situation

Fesia is looking for partners to consolidate its international sales in Europe.

In 2021, it will launch a Series A financing round to accelerate the company’s growth.

We are searching for

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