IZPITEK: Integrable photovoltaics for lightweight structural components

izpitek, fotovoltaica integrable empresa participada de tecnalia

What Izpitek offers

Izpitek designs and manufactures fully integrable photovoltaic components based on composite materials. This offers greater versatility in design and a higher degree of integration in the required location for the same cost and with the same level of efficiency.

They offer their customers multifunctional products based on their patented technology of encapsulating photovoltaic cells in composite materials and hence unlocking the full potential of photovoltaic solar energy.

Izpitek’s applications include BIPV and solar installations, and also mobility and urban environments and urban and sustainable furniture.

Izpitek’s products

 These are the products currently offered by Izpitek:

  • InTile: An integrative solution in the design of residential buildings, architectural elements, civil constructions or urban furniture.
  • InPlak: An integrative solution in the design of industrial constructions, large commercial surfaces, architectural elements and civil constructions of larger dimensions.
  • InFlex: An integrative solution in the design of buildings with architectural features and shapes, such as curved shapes, where conventional panels are not suitable.
  • InFilm: A highly integrative solution for both horizontal and vertical structural surfaces, as well as glazed surfaces.


Izpitek’s main advantages in the current market are the following:

  • Design versatility
  • Fully integrable product
  • Lightness
  • Energy efficiency
  • Competitive cost

Market situation

The company was established in 2021 as a result of 10 years of joint work between BRANKA SOLUTIONS and TECNALIA, through its Deep Tech Venture Builder, TECNALIA Ventures, as promoters of Izpitek and developers of the technology.

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Date of incorporation: 2021
Phase: Pre-Industrialisation
Employees: 1
Offices: Zamudio-ES
Funding rounds: 2
investment partners TECNALIA, Branka Solutions, SFK, Gestión de Capital Riesgo del País Vasco


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