3D printing of medicines


A pioneering 3D medicine printing project in the Basque Country, with the only bioprinter of its kind, of which there are only three in Spain.

We are introducing Industry 4.0 and 3D bioprinting in pharmaceutical development, which will enable more personalised drug therapies, especially in the paediatric field.

The future of on-demand medicines lies in 3D printing.

What is the aim of the APD project on 3D printing of medicines?

It is a pioneering project in the Basque Country and aims to design fast-dissolving 3D-printed oral dosage forms with the intention of providing personalised treatment and thus avoiding errors in pharmacy units and hospitals. This can be achieved because many of the individualised treatments in hospitals have been carried out manually up to now.

Collaboration project between TECNALIA and the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) with the support of Alava Provincial Council, DFA/AFA.
3D printing is not well developed in this field and this project aims to meet the needs of the paediatric population and patients with specific circumstances and/or who cannot be treated with classical, commercially available pharmaceutical formats.


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