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1st International VEEP Workshop


Venue: Conference Rooms "Stuttgart/Dresden", Marriott Conference Center (Madrid)
Date: 2017.05.18
Hours: 10:00 - 16:00

TECNALIA will present new cementitious materials and cost-effective closed loop silica aerogels within the International BIBM Congress 2017 held in Madrid

Both energy and materials are precious resources to be used wisely. Around 460 million ton of Construction and Demolition Waste (C&DW) are generated every year in EU28, constituting a priority waste stream in terms of both the large amounts generated all over Europe and the high recovery potential of valuable mineral resources. Advanced technologies developed in diverse European frameworks are currently allowing European eco-industry and building industry to achieve the upcycling C&DW materials.

During the 1st International VEEP workshop, organized within the International BIBM Congress 2017, TECNALIA will present innovative cementitious materials and cost-effective closed loop silica aerogels manufactured through innovative upcycling technologies. The novel cementitious materials will allow precast concrete manufacturers to achieve significant gain in mechanical strengths of their products, while reducing the cement consumption, associated costs and carbon footprint On the other hand, TECNALIA, together with KEEY AEROGELS, will be presenting an innovative upcycling process for the manufacturing of cost effective closed loop silica aerogels by inline integrating the following sequence: i) hydrothermal stage for the production of low cost water-glass based precursor by using silica containing C&DW recycled materials; ii) gelification stage; ii) and higher efficient multi-solvent low temperature supercritical drying leading to 40% reduction in energy consumption. This novel technological system will induce 60% reduction in aerogel manufacturing cost, thereby catalyzing the market uptake of this type of super insulating materials. Other performance and environmental advantages will be highlighted during this workshop.

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