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Conference on management of construction and demolition waste (CDW) and the circular economy


Venue: IHOBE, Auditorium Ground Floor of the building C/ Alameda de Urquijo 36, Bilbao.
Date: 2018.03.15
Organiser: AEDED
Price: Free

Today, around 461 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste are generated in Europe each year, whereby the average recycling rate is 46%, which means that there is a considerable loss of valuable minerals, metals and organic materials.

The Association of Demolition, Decontamination, Cutting and Perforation AEDED, is organising a conference, aimed at specialised contractors in the demolition, decontamination and cutting and perforation trades, as well as other related agents, in which the latest developments and challenges in this sector will be presented.

Throughout this conference, there will be lectures by our colleague, David García , among others, who will speak of the results of the Project Hiser whose objective is to develop innovative and efficient solutions to increase the recovery rates of CDW raw materials.

Advances towards the digitalisation of the demolition phase

Within the framework of this project, new technologies are being developed for the identification, automatic separation, recycling and quality control of the different types of construction materials and new products with recycled material. However, for these technologies to be economically feasible, a prior identification of the existing materials in the building is necessary (quantity and quality) along with appropriate selective demolition that prevents the contamination of some fractions with others. In this respect, at TECNALIA we have developed a tool based on BIM technology, capable of increasing the precision and reliability of materials, which has been used in several pilot cases and will be presented at the conference.

The registration period closes on Friday, 9th March at 2pm.

Registrations and further information

The European Project Hiser is funded by the European Commission's Horizon2020 programme.


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