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ICAE 2018, VIII International Congress on Architectural Envelopes

2018.06.20 - 2018.06.22

Venue: Kursaal Congress Centre and Auditorium Avda. de Zurriola, 1 20002 Donostia Gipuzkoa - Spain
Date: 2018.06.20 - 2018.06.22
Organiser: TECNALIA
Arantza Tejada

TECNALIA invites you to participate in the VIII International Congress on Architectural Envelopes, ICAE 2018, which will be held from 20 to 22 June 2018 in Donostia - San Sebastian.

This latest edition will be the eighth and the approach aims to follow the format of the past two editions: a national and international forum enabling the most relevant aspects of the world of envelopes to be discussed whilst staying abreast of the latest developments in the sector through two different but complementary points of view:

  • The latest advances, studies and developments from the point of view of R&D of universities, research centres and manufacturing firms
  • Use of these advances in innovative buildings and envelopes and their direct impact on the market and in everyday life.

During the congress, we want to be able to provide this dual vision, the future and the developments that we envisage for the forthcoming years and the everyday life that we face in 2018.

This event is one of the most important at a national level related to envelopes as it brings together the two aforementioned fields in the same forum: R&D and the market.

The general theme of the congress will be Envelopes 4.0. Under this title, the aim is to unify the two aspects to be fostered in this latest edition:

The architectural envelope, due to it being the main reason for holding the conference and the driving force that has guided the previous seven editions, and Industry 4.0 due to its growing importance in recent years. This importance has been increasing due to the need to improve the manufacturing, assembly, distribution and installation processes of many of the products in order to be competitive in today’s market. 


Open Call for Papers for Presentations

Important dates:

  • 2017/12/01: Final date for submission of abstracts
  • 2017/12/20: Approval / Rejection Notification
  • 2018/02/15: Final date for sending papers
  • 2018/05/15: Comments on papers and notification of approval / rejection
  • 2018/05/31: Final Powerpoint sending date of the conference

Format of abstracts and papers:

The authors must send their abstracts according to the norms established in each one of the documents. The article can only be sent once the organization has notified the approval of the abstract.

All abstracts will have to be named as follows:
All papers will have to be named as follows:

IMPORTANT: When sending the abstract they must send signed this copyright licence.

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Registration Fees:

Different rates. The price includes: Congressional assistance 3 days + 1 workshop, lunches, cafes and Congress dinner.

Register confirmation upon receipt of your registration form and proof of payment, the secretariat will send you a receipt of payment. The receipt should be presented when registering at the Conference.





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