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Kubik by TecnaliaKUBIK by Tecnalia

KUBIK is a singular building for R&D&I focused on the development of new concepts, products and services for the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings. In other words, for the Configuration of Zero Energy Buildings.

Its uniqueness lies in its ability for generating realistic scenarios on which to research energy efficiency resulting from the integration of constructive solutions, air conditioning and lighting systems and energy supply from conventional and renewable energies.

Development of energetically efficient products:

The development of more sustainable products (energy efficient and industrialised) for their subsequent launch in the market. Allowing for the optimisation and validation in real usage conditions of construction systems before they are marketed.

KUBIK allows experimentation of any modular architectural composition of new developments of frameworks, roofs and façades.


NANOC Centre for Nanomaterials Applications in ConstructionNANOC Centre for Nanomaterials Applications in Construction

As part of TECNALIA and as a CSIC Associated Unit, has the purpose of generating knowledge in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology to develop ultra high-performance materials in the construction sector and to generate new business opportunities for companies.

The NANOC laboratory has exceptional experimental and computational resources to apply Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to the construction world. It has:

  • Facilities for the manipulation of nanoparticles.
  • Sun-Gel Facilities (chemical reactants, programmable furnaces, "dip and spin coating" devices).
  • Characterisation equipment
  • Supercomputing cluster for ab-initio and molecular dynamics simulations.


Fire SafetyFire Safety. R&D Laboratory

The R&D laboratory of the area of the development of materials against fire has the necessary equipment to research the improvement of the properties against fire of materials and the development of new and more efficient flame retardant systems.

  • CONE CALORIMETER: This high-scientific value equipment is essential in the development of materials and their reaction to fire.
  • SMOKE CHAMBER-FTIR SPECTROSCOPY: The use of FTIR technology to analyse the gases produced during combustion represents a qualitative jump in the characterisation of the toxicity of the smoke produced by a burning material.
  • EXPERIMENTAL FURNACE for R&D&I in Fire Resistance


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