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TECNALIA and the university of Cantabria progress with their partnership in R&D and innovation and training


Both entities have a framework agreement and one other agreement to regulate the implementation of the TECNALIA Classroom in the School of Civil Engineers

On 3 March, a meeting was held at the University of Cantabria for monitoring and strengthening the terms of partnership in place both in R&D&I and in the academic, training and dissemination spheres.
Two collaboration agreements were recently signed to give shape to the joint initiatives and programmes: a framework paper to promote the key tools provided by each party; and one specific agreement to define the creation and implementation of the TECNALIA Classroom in the University.

Ángel Pazos, rector of the University of Cantabria, presided over the meeting alongside Javier Urreta, Director of Building Technologies at TECNALIA. On behalf of the University, the meeting was attended by José Luis Moura, Director of the Advanced Technical School for Civil Engineers, Daniel Castro, Professor of the Centre, and Pablo Pascual, member of the Operational Committee of the TECNALIA Classroom. Attending on behalf of TECNALIA was Antonio Porro, Technology Director, Jesús Isoird, Director of the Infrastructures Business Area; and David García Sánchez, responsible for the TECNALIA Classroom.
TECNALIA Classroom

This room is physically located on the second floor of the School of Civil Engineers. It operates as an “open door” classroom with free access to students in order to keep up with the joint projects. It is one of the places exclusively intended to promote research, development and innovation initiatives, joint and continuous training of researchers and the preparation of undergraduate dissertations, Master’s dissertations and doctoral theses on issues of common interest.

The students may make contacts and decide to develop their professional career at TECNALIA: professionals who help out in the Classroom will be granted special recognition.

The framework agreement between UC and TECNALIA will regulate this type of “knowledge ecosystem” and will set the grounds for a successful existing and future collaboration. The breakdown of possible joint activities includes those of collaborative research and innovation, participation in doctorate and post-graduate programmes of the University of Cantabria, specific contracts with groups, departments or institutions, exchange of technical and research staff, promotion of entrepreneurship, educational cooperation programmes, classrooms and workshops, guidance, organisation of conferences, sessions and seminars, etc.

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