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Tecnalia. Inspiring Business

We facilitate the renovation process for home and building owners through the TURNKEY RETROFIT service


The Solutions4Renovation digital platform will be accessible in 2020 in Spain, France and Ireland

The TURNKEY RETROFIT service, designed by TECNALIA and eight European organisations from France, Ireland and Belgium, is a renovation process focusing on the owner. It transforms the complex and fragmented renovation task into a simple, straightforward and attractive process; it empowers industry and improves inter-sectoral participation as well as mobilising private investment.

The platform is based on the experiences of the integrated renovation services that have arisen in Europe. It develops and improves an economically viable business model so that it can function without the need for public subsidies.

Through an experience without charges or obligations for the customer (individual home-owners or board of co-owners), this integrated service enables the properties to be administered and renovated in a simpler and more profitable way. It constitutes a turnkey solution throughout all of the steps in the renovation process; from the initial technical and operational diagnosis, contact with suppliers and installers, structuring and financial incentives, on site coordination of the works and quality control to its subsequent valuation. 

TURNKEY RETROFIT puts end users in contact with construction professionals and the most suitable financing options, and it also connects the local capacities for complete energy renovations.

The service will be accessible in 2020 via a user friendly digital platform: Solutions4Renovation. The building renovation developers will not only reduce energy bills but will also increase the value of the property through home improvements: increased comfort, better health and quality of life, accessibility or security.

Further information: Silvia Urra 

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The project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 Research and Innovation Programme by virtue of subsidy agreement No. 839134.

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