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TECNALIA develops architectural systems that enhance the acoustic comfort of buildings


Within the framework of the BALI project, work is being undertaken on the development of new products, interior compartimentalisation and installations.

The Tecnalia Construction Unit is taking part in the Unique Strategic Project, `Building Acoustic Living´ (BALI), for the “integrated design of systems and buildings which are acoustically efficient and in a healthy environment”.

The Tecnalia Construction Unit is actively participating in BALI, a project to develop acoustically high-performance architectural products and systems, as well as tools to help the construction sector in the integrated design of buildings, equipped with enhanced efficiency from an acoustic comfort perspective, while taking into account other aspects linked with sustainability - in particular, thermal ones.

Concretely, the Tecnalia Construction Unit is working on the development of new, acoustically enhanced and high-performance products, focusing on opaque and glass surrounds, interior compartimentalisation and installations, particularly on the application of systems for the acoustic modelling for these types of products. Also, future tasks will involve a virtual demonstrator which will incorporate the various solutions.

Financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN) and Regional Development Funds (FEDER), the initiative arose at the end of 2009 to provide a response to the needs of the Basic Document on Protection, given CTE noise and the need to resolve the acoustic problems in dwellings and non-residential buildings.

Project Building Acoustic Living (BALI)

Apart from the Tecnalia Construction Unit, in BALI the participating companies are FCC, Grupo Ortiz, EMVS (the Municipal Enterprise for Development of Dwellings and Land in Madrid), Hispalyt, Indagsa, Preinco, Grupo Saint-Gobain, Estrumaher, Tecair, Espinet-Ubach, Cype and Idec. Also present are the Instituto Eduardo Torroja de la Construcción, UPM, the Tise Group, the University of San Pablo CEU, Intromac and Aitemin.

The Tecnalia Construction Unit is taking part in the project as its technological leader, collaborating in a high-profile manner in all the subprojects. Highlighted tasks to date have been the various initiatives with the products under development for the incorporation of acoustic enhancements into buildings: facades ventilated with ceramic and concrete, industrialised lightweight GRC concrete facades, ETICS systems and curtain walls for the acoustic rehabilitation of buildings, high acoustic performance walls, dry construction floors and acoustic design software for buildings, etc. In order to analyse these questions, last March participants in the project met in Bilbao at TECNALIA’s premises in order to pool the advances and the various initiatives focused on the development of new, acoustically efficient construction systems. The day of this meeting coincided with the first anniversary of the project.

Co-financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, BALI is to continue until 2011. In the final phase, the aim is the implementation and the study of the new developments in experimental buildings, and then to install them in real pilot estates.

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