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TECNALIA inaugurates KUBIK, an experimental building that is groundbreaking on a world level in sustainable construction and energy efficiency technologies


Spanish Minister for Housing Beatriz Corredor attended the ceremony held at the Technology Park of Bizkaia.

KUBIK is a unique, cutting-edge, laboratory on a world level for the research, development and implementation of sustainable, eco-efficient architecture and construction technologies.

Minister for Housing Beatriz Corredor

The official opening of KUBIK was attended by the Spanish Minister for Housing Beatriz Corredor, who visited the new R+D+i infrastructure accompanied by the people in charge at TECNALIA and the companies that participated in the project, which has involved investment in the region of 2 million euros.

Also present were Juan Tomás Hernani, General Secretary of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, and Iñaki Arriola, the Basque Government’s Minister for Housing, Public Works and Transport.

Private initiative is present in KUBIK with the contribution of a total of 28 industrial companies who have put their faith in the potential that this building can offer in the development of their new products and the launching of them onto the market: Arcelor-Mittal, Financiera & Minera (Italcementi Group), Prefabricados Etxeberria, Intemper, Astrawall Ibérica, Cristalería Soler, Cortizo, Invitec, Orobio-Goicoechea, dBBlok, Rehau, Alumafel, NortenPH, Biohaus Goierri, KLH, Gutex, Cosinor, Beckhoff, Redstone, Proclima, BSW, Compriband, Isoleika, Toldos Arranz, Somfy, Ferrari, Stamisol FT and Indal.

The project also has funding from the Spanish Ministries of Education and Science, and Science and Innovation.

KUBIK occupies a fully modular, flexible and collapsible building, unique on a world level in terms of R+D in the development of industrialised products and equipment that are efficient from the energy and acoustic point of view. The project is geared towards the development of new concepts, products and services designed to improve energy efficiency in building.

The development of this installation will make the spearheading of the "European Efficient Buildings Initiative” on a technological level possible; this initiative focuses on technologies, materials and systems for drastically cutting consumption and CO2 emissions in buildings.

The unique feature of KUBIK lies, according to its promoters, "in its capacity to generate realistic scenarios on which to do research into the energy efficiency resulting from the interaction of construction solutions, the intelligent management of air conditioning and lighting systems, and the power supply coming from renewables.”

The infrastructure, which was officially opened on 10 June, consists of a building capable of configuring a maximum of 500 m2 divided between a basement and up to an additional three storeys on a gradient. The energy supply is based on the combination of conventional energy and renewables (geothermal, solar and wind). Furthermore, the building is equipped with a monitoring and control system providing the necessary information for the development of R+D+i activities.

According to the people in charge of the new experimental infrastructure, "the structure of KUBIK is designed as an experimental, collapsible and reconfigurable building for the creation of housing spaces on which to do research, and for the assembly of construction components like shells, floors and partitions, the features of which one would want to evaluate comprehensively in realistic conditions of use.”


KUBIK offers the small and medium enterprises in the Construction sector the real possibility of working on innovation at an affordable cost, thanks to TECNALIA’s technology network. It will also assist them in the search for new market niches via technological innovation by turning a risk situation –rise in energy prices, economic crisis– into a market opportunity, as well as offering the possibility of using the building as a platform for launching new products onto the market and as a test laboratory in real conditions of use.

On a general level, the new infrastructure inaugurated at the Technology Park of Bizkaia represents a new tool for transferring R+D+i to the industrial base, and thus increasing wealth and high added value employment. At the same time, it will be of great use in doing research into cutting energy consumption, by offering the triple advantage of reducing energy dependence, increasing efficiency and cutting environmental costs, as well promoting research in the ambit of sustainability with the industrial agents directly.

For the public administrations KUBIK is an opportunity to participate in a project in support of research applied to a sector undergoing radical readjustment, and also to back the increase in energy efficiency of the country as a whole and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by cutting down external energy dependence. They are also offered the chance of participating in a project that has strong, top level international alliances and facilities for promoting contacts with national and international business agents, and in pre-regulatory, regulatory and post-regulatory support activities.

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