Technological asset

ARGICOAT: Anti-reflecting/antisoiling coating for glass



Photovoltaic solar is the energy generation technology with the most expectation of growth over the next 30 years, with the reduction of Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) being the main challenge of the next few years, as a common denominator for all renewables.

The key elements for this reduction are the improvement of the performance of photovoltaic modules and the reduction of O&M costs of photovoltaic installations.

Potential Market

  • Photovoltaic:
    • 2025: 3,500 GWp accumulated
    • 2025: €200B/year
    • 2025: TAM layers, €200-500M/year
  • Other markets: Construction (antisoiling), Automotive…
  • Accessible market for both wash formulators and chemical processes as well as glass manufacturers themselves

We offer

  • TRL 5
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from WO2018130701
  • Expert multi-disciplinary team in the solar and chemical processes markets
  • Market knowledge
  • Scaling in pre-scaling module of the glass-making process.

We are searching for

  • Investor
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Registration No.

A broadband anti-reflective sol-gel coating composition