Technological asset

GLICYDOL: Bio-glycidol production



Today, there are two processes for industrial production of glycidol, with several associated disadvantages: the process consists of several stages, through different intermediates with high toxicity and/or hazards, the original raw material is non-renewable and consequently has a high price (€12-18/kg).

Potential Market

  • 20,000 T/year; €300M/year
  • Uses: pharmaceuticals, adhesives, urethanes, coatings, polymers…
  • Localised Manufacturing: JPN, CHI, USA and GE, without concurrency in Bio process
  • Production plant CAPEX < €1.0M
  • At low cost it could enter the polyol market (€40B/year)

We offer

  • TRL 4
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from WO2017017307
  • Expert technical team, with extensive experience in the design and scaling up chemical processes
  • Early market testing
  • Sector hyperconnectivity

We are searching for

  • Investor
  • Industrial partner
  • Promotor



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Glycidol synthesis method