Technological asset

INACELL: Cellulose aerogels for thermal insulation in buildings



The future of construction is moving toward environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions.

Today's market for thermal insulation for buildings lacks bio-based products that can compete in thermal and physical properties with massively used products (rock wool, PU foam, EPS, etc.)

Potential Market

  • Bio/Natural Insulation Market in buildings: ​
    • Europe: €200 M/year (approx. 5% of total)​
    • USA: €150- €200 M/year (approx. 3% of total)

We offer

  • TRL 4​
  • Technology protected by the patent families derived from WO2016079140
  • Leading knowledge in the cellulose industry
  • Alternative for pulp/paper paste manufacturers (paper production falls approximately 8% per year)

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Porous cellulosic materials and process for their preparation