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Fire Safety Laboratory

At TECNALIA, we are specialised in the field of Fire Safety and we have accredited technological equipment for the characterisation of fire resistance performance in construction materials and systems, in compliance with the different applicable regulations for the construction, petrochemical, electrical and transport industries, among others.

Fire Safety Laboratory

Aimed at...

  • Manufacturers of materials, construction elements and construction systems: insulation material, carpentry, façade elements, sandwich panels, etc.
  • Constructors and Developers.
  • Quality Control Firms.


  • Evaluation of fire resistance of construction materials and systems.
  • EXAP studies for construction systems.
  • Laboratory testing activities for voluntary and obligatory third-party certification.
  • Evaluation of the influence of process variables, composition and assembly in fire resistance tests.
  • Development of testing protocols to assess the fire resistance of non-standardised products.
  • Technical advice on the compliance of materials with regulatory requirements. Issue of the Technical Innovation Audit (TIA) seal.
  • Advice on regulations for the inclusion of materials in new markets.
  • Pre-normative studies to assess the performance of materials in light of future regulatory changes.
  • Technical conformity studies of European testing reports in accordance with guidelines from the Ministry for Development.
  • Fire resistance Technical Suitability Studies for non-conventional complex systems recognised by the Ministry for Industry (Technical Conformity Report).
  • "Ad hoc" large-scale tests for products beyond the scope of current regulations.
  • Firebreak performance analysis of products using infra-red thermography.

Technological Capability

Fire Reaction Laboratory:

  • Equipment for fire reaction characterisation in accordance with different standards (EN, UNE, UL, IMO, ISO…) which consists of: Cone calorimeter, SBI, flammability equipment, horizontal and vertical radiant panel, calorimetric bomb, non-combustibility furnace, fire propagation equipment on roofs, LOI.
  • Equipment for smoke toxicity and opacity characterisation in accordance with different standards (NFX 16101, EN  45545-2, among others) with a smoke optical density measurement and toxicity analysis chamber using FTIR spectroscopy, tube furnace.

Fire Resistance Laboratory:

  • Vertical fire resistance furnace, of standard size with different possible heating curves.
  • Horizontal fire resistance furnace, of standard size with different heating curves (hydrocarbon curve, RWS curve, UL testing, external fire). It also has a load application system and a smoke sealing assessment system.
  • Small-scale cubic experimental fire resistance furnace for prototypes.

Large-Scale "ad hoc" Test Laboratory:

  • Large-Scale technological capabilities for the transport, building, electrical or petrochemical industries.
  • Development of pre-normative test protocols for compliance with fire safety requirements.
  • Technical Approval Assessments for innovative fire protection equipment and systems.
  • Fire safety studies for non-standard assembles.

Tested Products

  • Paints and waterproofing materials (PDF links)
  • Thermal insulation (PDF link)
  • Façade coatings and interior elements used in construction.
  • Upholstery and curtains.
  • Interior furnishing materials for railway vehicles.
  • Coating materials for marine equipment.
  • Doors and access control components (PDF links).
  • Architectural Envelopes: façades and curtain walls, windows, roofs, vents, skylights, verandas, etc. (PDF links).
  • Others: flexible walls and partitions, framework, ventilation ducts, metallic structure protection systems, suspended ceilings and other civil works elements (acoustic screens, protection systems for tunnels...).

Accreditations and Recognitions

Fire Safety Laboratory Fire Safety LaboratoryFire Safety Laboratory


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