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Gambling Laboratory

The certification of in-house and on-line recreational machines, slot machines, bingo systems, betting systems and other gaming systems require the existence of accredited and authorised laboratories to verify compliance with prevailing legislation. They also require added value services related to this task.



TECNALIA offers a unique service for the certification of gaming and betting systems that combines over 15 years of experience as an accredited testing laboratory in the same organisation and international  technological capacity in software and security and in the implementation of good practices for the industrialisation of the development of software and models, methodologies, standards and their certification.

We are an independent entity, pioneers in the certification of in-house and on-line gaming and betting machines and systems. In 2012, we were appointed as a certifying entity in gaming software and the security of information systems by the General Division of Gaming Control of the Ministry for Finance and Public Administration and we have been recognised by ENAC since 1997 with authorisation in all of the self-governing regions in Spain.


  • Performance of tests and evaluations in compliance with the applicable legislation.
  • Verification Laboratory  in the event of user claims.
  • Guidance to Administrations in relation to:
    • Definition of the regulatory framework  for gaming.
    • Use of new technologies installed in gaming machines and systems by manufacturers.
  • Development of the necessary testing protocols to verify the fulfilment of the applicable regulation.

Systems to be Tested

  • Recreational Machines with Prizes (Type B).
  • Slot Machines (Type C).
  • Bingo Systems.
  • Machine Interconnection Systems.
  • In-House Betting Systems.
  • On-line Gaming and  Betting Systems.

Aimed at...

  • Manufacturers, operators, sellers and importers of gaming systems.
  • Suppliers of services related to gaming.
  • Gaming system integration.
  • Legislators (Public Administrations).


  • Improve and guarantee the quality of the quality systems.
  • Pass quality inspections and audits without any deviations or non-conformities.
  • Optimisation of validation costs by assigning validations to a single supplier.
  • Solutions adapted to the individual needs of our clients.
  • Opening of new markets.
  • TECNALIA ensures that all data and information related to the client shall remain strictly confidential.

Accreditations and Recognitions

Gaming Laboratory Gaming Laboratory Gaming Laboratory Gaming Laboratory


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