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Metrology Laboratory

With the creation of a joint business venture between TECNALIA and TRESCAL whose name is TRESCAL IBÉRICA the August 1, 2014, the calibration and metrology services previously offered by Tecnalia, will be performed by TRESCAL IBÉRICA.

TRESCAL IBÉRICA, as a result of this partnership, have the same capabilities, qualifications, experience and technical expertise as historically characterized TECNALIA and today with the support of an international network, summing technical capabilities and strong presence in the market brings as TRESCAL offers.

Similarly, TRESCAL IBÉRICA, will lead innovative projects in the field of calibration, metrology and engineering measurement, offering solutions to the increasingly demanding needs of our customers.

To contact TRESCAL IBÉRICA, you can send an email to the address or call +34 902760021

Market demands force us to constantly improve the quality of the final product, or in many cases, the production process, so TECNALIA offers its metrology service.


This service focuses on a set of operations which establish the relationship between the values of a magnitude indicated by a measuring instrument or system and the corresponding values for this magnitude by patterns, under specific conditions .  This is all carried out under exhaustive control and is fully  documented.

At TECNALIA, we can carry out all types of  calibrations of equipment and facilities to ensure the reliability of their measurements, hence guaranteeing the optimum operation of production processes and increasing their quality.


TECNALIA boasts several calibration laboratories, along with a technical team, backed by over 30 years' experience and capable of calibrating measuring equipment in the laboratory or on-site.We also offer personalised on-site consultancy and metrology services.

All calibrations are carried out in accordance with the criteria set out in Standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025, hence ensuring the traceability to international patterns in the following areas of activity:

  • DC and Low Frequency Electricity.
  • HV Electricity.
  • Time and frequency.
  • HF Electricity.
  • Temperature and Humidity.
  • Pressure and Vacuum.
  • Flow and Volume.
  • Mass.
  • Force.
  • Moment.
  • Torsion Angle.
  • Dimensional.
  • Etc.

Participating Sectors

The calibration service covers all industrial sectors:

  • Aerospace.
  • Automotive.
  • Petrochemical.
  • Agrifood.
  • Industrial.
  • Etc.


  • Boost and guarantee the quality of the production process.
  • Pass quality audits without any deviations or non-conformities.
  • Optimisation of calibration costs by assigning all calibrations to a single supplier, DST.
  • Solutions adapted to the individual needs of our clients.
  • Opening of new markets.
  • Complete Calibration Outsourcing.

Accreditations and Recognitions

Other accreditationS

  • Inspection Entity  and Control Body.
  • ILAC Accreditation (International Laboratory Accreditation Corporation).
  • Members of  AENOR Standardisation and Certification Committees.
  • Metrology services supplier for  AIRBUS MILITARY.
Metrology Laboratory Metrology Laboratory Metrology Laboratory Metrology Laboratory Metrology Laboratory Metrology Laboratory Metrology Laboratory Metrology Laboratory

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