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Mobile Laboratory for Field Testing

Commissioning, predictive maintenance and diagnosis tests for medium and high voltage electrical equipment installed on electrical lines and at power plants, wind farms and industrial plants.

For this purpose, TECNALIA has Mobile Laboratories and extensive experience in the performance of on-site tests on a national and international scale.

Field Testing

Tested Equipment

  • High Voltage Cables.
  • Rotating Machines:
    • Medium voltage generators and motors.
    • Power Transformers.
    • Medium voltage cables.


  • Underground and submarine electrical lines.
  • Electrical substations.
  • Hydraulic Power Plants.
  • Thermal Power Plants.
  • Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Combined Cycle Power Plants.
  • Wind Farms and Industrial Plants.


TECNALIA carries out the on-site commissioning, diagnosis and maintenance tests of underground and submarine high voltage cables.

For this purpose, TECNALIA has a WRV 80/260 Variable Frequency Resonant System on a trailer platform that can be taken to the facilities. Its main specifications are:

  • Voltage: 260 kV.
  • Intensity: 80 A.
  • Frequency: 20 - 300 Hz.
  • Power @ 50 Hz: 30,000 kVA.

This system allows nominal voltage cables of between 45 and 400kV to be tested with phase line lengths of up to 12-13 kilometres.
For circuits requiring test voltages in excess of 260kV or currents in excess of 80 A, as may be the case in submarine cables, TECNALIA has agreements with other companies for the joint use of various Resonant Systems.

TECNALIA has extensive experience in over 400 tested three-phase circuits (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Holland, Poland...).

TECNALIA performs the tests set out in international regulations, Spanish legislation and the technical specifications of electricity distribution and transportation companies:

  • Verification of the phase order
  • Conductor Resistance Measurement
  • Screen Resistance Measurement
  • Continuous Current Sheath Test
  • Capacity and Tan Delta Measurement
  • Partial Discharge Measurement
  • Test of voltage withstood with Resonant System
  • Line Impedance Measurement

TECNALIA has technicians specialised in the measurement of partial discharges in the laboratory and on-site, using the appropriate measurement system for each situation.


Insulation Diagnosis and Evaluation Tests of Generators and Medium Voltage Motors at Hydraulic,Thermal and Nuclear Power, Combined Cycle and Large-scale Industrial Plants.

The tests are usually carried out during the scheduled stoppage times for the servicing of this type of equipment (off-line measures), whereby some tests may be performed whilst the machine is in service (on-line measures).

  • Electrical Tests on Coil Evaluation Ohmic Resistance, Polarisation Index, DC Leakage, AC and DC HIPOT, Tan Delta and Capacity,Partial Discharges, TVA, Capacitance Mapping.
  • Magnetic Package Evaluation EL CID Test.
  • Hydraulic generator characterisation tests: Vacuum and short-circuit curves, measurement of characteristic magnitudes.
  • Verification of measurement transformers, RTDs and thermocouples.

TECNALIA  has over 20 years' experience in rotating machine testing at over 60 power plants in Spain, as well as in Portugal, Morocco, France, Belgium and Romania.


TECNALIA carries out predictive maintenance and diagnosis tests on Power Transformers at substations, power stations and industrial plants.

Tests included in the scope are:

  • Terminal Capacity and Tan-Delta.
  • Coil Capacity and Tan-Delta.
  • FRA - Frequency Response Analysis.
  • Recovery Voltage.
  • Insulation Resistance and Coil Polarisation Index.
  • Ohmic Resistance of Coils.
  • Characterisation of the Magnetic Package (reduced voltage excitation).
  • Transformation Ratio.
  • Dispersion Impedance.
Field TestingField Testing


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