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Genetic Laboratory

The activities and services carried out by the TECNALIA Molecular Biology Laboratory essentially fall within the framework of the biosanitary sector, specifically the field of genetics and functional genomics, through the use of new high performance technologies such as DNA micro arrays, genetic sequencing and protein and cellular analysis. In line with this profile, this area provides technological services and works on research projects within diverse knowledge areas.

Molecular Biology Laboratory


Working Lines

Our activities focus on the following working lines::

  • Pathogenomics: Study of pathogen infection and host defence mechanisms to improve the effectiveness of infectious disease treatment.
  • Oncogenomics and Oncogenetics: Application of high performance technologies to the study of tumours to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the disease: study of genetic expression alterations (DNA Micro Arrays) as well as imbalances in genomic DNA (CGH arrays) and sequencing of candidate genes.
  • Pharmacogenomics and Pharmacogenetics: Identification of an individual's susceptibility to pharmacological compounds, as well as the possibility of developing adverse side effects (toxicity).
  • Toxicogenomics: Identification of the potential toxicity of a specific compound by characterising expression patterns induced in an experimental model and comparison of these patterns with those created by substances of known toxicity.
  • Clinical Genetics: Use of molecular techniques (sequencing, PCR, micro satellite analysis, LOH) to identify specific genetic disorders, which are not only able  to offer concrete diagnosis, but also to identify carriers of the alteration who might develop the disease.
  • Nutritional Genomics: Application of molecular biology and high-performance genomic technologies, such as genotyping or DNA Micro arrays, to the study of obesity and related diseases. Identification of personalised hygiene/diet habits.
    Functional foods and food supplements: Identification of molecular action mechanisms of nutrients and/or specific food supplements.

In addition to these work areas, the Genomics unit  offers the possibility of designing new developments, working methodologies and protocols within the field of genomics and molecular and cellular biology, which adapt to the needs and requirements of the client or partner.

Laboratory and Equipment

The laboratory (220m2) has three perfectly differentiated areas, two of which are designed for preparing PCR reactions (27m2) and handling and analysing RNA within a controlled atmosphere.

The laboratory's main equipment includes:

  • NanoDrop 2000c.
  • 2720 Thermal cycler.
  • Verity.
  • Digi Genius gel documentation system.
  • Power Pac Basic Power Supply electrophoresis system.
  • Applied Biosystems 3130XL Genetic analyser.
  • Biocap DNA/RNA biosafety cabinet.
  • 2100 Bioanalyser.
  • ABI 7300 Real-time thermal cycler.
  • AC Extractor  6100 Nucleic Acid Prep Station for DNA extraction.
  • Eppendorf vacuum concentrator 5301.
  • GenePix 4100A microarray scanner.
  • CHEMI-DOC XRS+ (BIO RAD) image analysis system.
  • PROTEAN IEF SYSTEM (BIO RAD) protein first dimension system.
  • SYNERGY HT (BIOTEK) microplate reader.
Molecular Biology LaboratoryMolecular Biology Laboratory


Javier Margareto Sánchez

M. +34 664 040 003

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