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TECNALIA accredited by UCA as level A Laboratory to certify server devices according to IEC 61850


In accordance with the procedures for Server Devices Ed. 2

TECNALIA has been approved by UCA as ACCREDITED LABORATORY for verification of the IEC 61850 protocol in Server Devices Ed.2, according to the criteria defined by UCA International Users Group for laboratories level A. TECNALIA becomes one of the four European laboratories capable of carrying out this type of certification.

TECNALIA offers certification services to manufacturers that require a third-party laboratory, reliable and independent. The accreditation for IEC 61850 complements the acknowledgments achieved by TECNALIA’s Smart Data & Protocols Laboratory through other associations, such as PRIME or DLMS, in the field of communication protocols and data storage protocols.

In the same way, the accreditation for IEC 61850 complements the ENAC (ILAC) accreditations of tests for electrical equipment already existing in TECNALIA's Electrical Equipment and Electronic Devices laboratories and the recognitions of numerous electrical distribution companies in Europe, South America and Middle East for the certification of this type of products.

TECNALIA's commitment to the services provided by the Smart Data & Protocols laboratory is not limited to product certifications. On the one hand, TECNALIA designs and develops testing tools that allow the improvement of products during their development and the evaluation of compliance with standards and interoperability in the certification process. On the other hand, TECNALIA advises manufacturers and utilities in the specification, design of tests and design of laboratories to ensure the reliability of the equipment.

The Lab_services division of TECNALIA encompasses all the company's laboratories, aimed at the electrical, industrial, pharmaceutical and digital sectors. From TECNALIA we know the importance of guarantee the reliability and safety of the devices and systems, so we help companies accelerating their product launch and time-to-market.

UCA International Users Group

UCA International Users Group is a not-for-profit corporation focused on assisting users and vendors in the deployment of standards for real-time applications for several industries with related requirements. The Users Group does not write standards, however works closely with those bodies that have primary responsibility for the completion of standards (notably IEC TC 57: Power Systems Management and Associated Information Exchange).


Ibon Arechalde
Digital Lab_services Director


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