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ASTA certification for DUBAI EURO thanks to the cooperation between TECNALIA and INTERTEK


Type tests for low voltage switchboards and capacitor banks

DUBAI EURO is an Emirati owned group of companies that operates across various engineering fields and became a leader within the regional market for the last 37 years. DUBAI EURO SWITCHGEAR L.L.C. is a subsidiary of Dubai Euro Group whose primary objective is to manufacture Low Voltage switchboards. DESG provides efficient, high quality and cost-effective LV switchgear solutions ensuring reliability and safety. The process is done under the supervision of a quality control team and in compliance with the electricity authority regulations, the consultant & contractor requirements. DESG also offers intelligent automation systems for substation monitoring, Energy Management System, Motor Control Centers and Capacitor Banks to improve comfort, energy efficiency, and security.

DUBAI EURO requirements were fulfilled thanks to the testing capabilities and technical expertise offered by TECNALIA and INTERTEK, and the high-level recognition of the ASTA Certificate worldwide and, particularly in the Middle East countries.

Type tests were carried out on 6 Low Voltage Panels with different ratings according to IEC 61439-2. Additionally, type tests were performed on 3 Automatic Power Factor Control (APFC) Panels with different ratings according to IEC 61921 and IEC 61439-1. The tests scope included temperature-rise tests in large climatic chambers at high temperature (50ºC) and power tests to verify the short-circuit withstand strength.

Product certification for DUBAI EURO took place thanks to the cooperation between TECNALIA and INTERTEK: their capacities and technical knowledge, along with the international recognition of ASTA Certificates all over the world, and in particular in the Middle East, are key elements for achieving it.

The process is carried out under the supervision of a quality control team, fulfilling the regulation governing electricity companies and administrations, and the specifications for consultants and contractors.


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