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ENAC (ILAC) accredites TECNALIA as notified body and metrological control for electric power


This accreditation positions our laboratory as a reference in certification of smart meters in Europe.

ENAC has accredited to TECNALIA Certification as notified body and metrological control body for meters of power electrical energy according to the European MID Directive. This accreditation as a control agency is based on the criteria set out in Standard UNE-EN ISO / IEC 17065 and Article 58 of the Spanish R.D. 244/2016, to carry out the Conformity Assessment activities defined in the technical annex of the accreditation.

With this accreditation TECNALIA strengthen its position as the reference laboratory in Europe for the certification of smart meters. In spite of the complexity of the certification of this type of products, where the requirements of measurement, data storage and communications are combined, we are able to offer all the tests and verifications necessary for a meter. This improves the time to market of the manufacturers and utilities in the deployment and ensures the high quality of our standards.

ENAC (ILAC) accreditation covers modules B (model examination), D (conformity of products with the model based on the quality assurance of the manufacturing process), and F (conformity with the model based on verification of products).

The legal framework

The legal framework for electric meters that want to be marketed in Europe is composed of the Directive 2014/32/EU "MID" and some specific national regulation, like order ITC/3022/2007 for Spain:

  • CE marking according to Directive 2014/32/EU

Meters of active electrical energy of classes A, B or C that do not have remote control or time discrimination

  • National Metrological Control according to ITC/3022/2007

Static meters combined of classes A, B or C for active electrical power of up to 15 kW and classes 2 or 3 for reactive power, which also have time discrimination and remote management devices

The conformity assessment procedure

The assessment of the conformity of electric meters with regard to the requirements of Directive 2014/32/EU (Annexes I and V), ITC/3022/2007 (Annexes I and II) and the corresponding harmonized standards. Shall be carried out in accordance with one of the procedures set out in Annex V to the Directive:

  • Option 1: Model examination (Module B of Annex II of the Directive) + Conformity of the products with the model based on the quality of the manufacturing process (Module D of Annex II to the Directive)
  • Option 2: Model examination (Module B) + Conformity to the model based on the unit or statistical verification of the products (Module F)


In TECNALIA we know the relevance of the confidence in the selected Body to get efficient CE and National Marking processes. TECNALIA guarantees a direct communication from the beginning with a competent technician who will be able to make easy and guide you through the entire certification process.

For more information please contact with Ion Marqués from TECNALIA CERTIFICATION.



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