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European Ecolabel: Differentiate your products showing the benefits for the environment.


TECNALIA guides you through the full process to obtain the European Ecolabel.

The European Ecolabel represents the main voluntary instrument promoted by the EU to label the products showing best environmental behavior in each product category. Ecolabel logotype is the easier way for consumers to identify products that are environmentally friendly.  European Ecolabel shows other advantages for manufacturers, as technical criteria required by the ecolabel (as set out by the European Commission) are totally aligned with those from other European initiatives, such as green public procurement, Environmental Declarations, etc.

Multidisciplinary teams at TECNALIA are highly specialized in different product groups, being able to guide industry during the whole process label their products. In Spain the Ecolabels that are being mostly demanded are those for floor coverings, Do IT Yourself products (including coatings and varnishes) and cleaning products (including soaps and shampoos).  It is important to consider that other product groups can also benefit from the European Ecolabel, showing their benefits for the environment, and making the difference in the market.

The process to obtain the European Ecolabelincludes the demonstration of a set of criteria, that is usually performed with the documentation provided by suppliers and self-declarations or with tests carried out in general at independent facilities. TECNALIA is able to offer a holistic approach, including not only testing facilities, but also the revision of the full set of criteria.  All this information is collected in a final report, that can be sent directly to competent authorities.

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The European Commission defines and updates periodically the criteria to be fulfilled by products to show the European Ecolabel. TECNALIA performs a continuous analysis of the documentation and updates to provide industry with the most up to date information and guide them in the full process to obtain the Ecolabel successfully.


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