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LANIK validates the façade for the new FC Dynamo Moscow stadium at the TECNALIA Laboratories


The façade cladding has been assessed against wind, guaranteeing its safety

The engineering company from Gipuzkoa, LANIK, has been hired to create the façade for the new sports centre of the FC Dynamo Moscow, that will include a soccer stadium and an ice hockey rink.

This award includes the design, construction and assembly of a 22,000 m2 roof, weighing 450 tons. The façade is comprised by a spatial steel structure and an exterior cladding with aluminium profiles and polycarbonate panels.

This project is a challenge in itself due to its size, complexity and location.

TECNALIA has characterised the spatial roof structure as well as the façade cladding.

At the Mechanical Testing Laboratory of the Materials AreaTECNALIA has performed the mechanical characterisation of the structural components, assessing their performance even under the most extreme temperatures of harsh Muscovite winters by running tests at temperatures ranging from room temperature to subzero (-40 ºC).

In parallel, TECNALIA characterised the façade cladding against wind at the Façade Laboratory, considering both pressure and suction. The result of these tests revealed that this cladding can withstand winds of up to 200 km/h.

These tests were performed at our facilities and thus guarantee that the materials used to manufacture the structure can withstand the load of the cladding and the façade of the facilities. TECNALIA also verified that the panels and profiles of the cladding shall not fall out due to strong gusts of wind, thus avoiding hazards if these pieces were to fall damaging the audience and/or the pedestrians who may be in the area.

If you want to learn more, please get in touch with our colleagues: Ion OteizaFaçades Laboratory and Yeyes San MartínMechanical Testing Laboratory at TECNALIA.

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