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TECNALIA provides OSALAN with training on temporary works equipment


The goal was to increase their knowledge on the current legislation and the applicable test methodologies

Technical staff from OSALAN, the Basque Health and Safety at Work Institute, has visited TECNALIA's facilities in Azpeitia, seeking to increase their knowledge on the current regulations and testing methodologies applicable in the field of temporary works equipment.

OSALAN’s goal is the elimination and / or reduction of the risks inherent to the work place or position. The construction industry is known to be one of the sectors with the highest amount of work incidents and / or accidents, including fatalities. Therefore, it is essential for Risk Prevention technicians who are located at construction sites to have the necessary knowledge and means to anticipate these risks.

During the visit different tests were conducted, which were followed by the necessary explanations by TECNALIA’s technical staff in terms of the goal, sample assembly, testing methodology used, the results obtained and their subsequent analysis.

On the one hand, distributed horizontal load tests were performed on temporary edge protection systems and handrails (covered by the EN 13374 standard), assembling them on different supports (concrete, metal profiles or formwork panels) and analysing the results obtained in each case. This test attempts to simulate a situation in which one or more people lean on the edge protection system.

On the other hand, they tested the compression resistance of several telescopic steel props, complying with the methodology set out in standard EN 1065, using a flat or tilted base, changing the prop orientation and with the prop extended to its maximum length. Prop resistance provides data for their own design and distribution to withstand the weight during and after the concreting. 

Lastly, platform performance against impacts, simulating the fall of a person from a higher level on a multi-directional tubular scaffolding (as set out in standards EN 12810 and EN 12811) was verified by dropping a load of 100 kg from 2.5 m, and checking if permanent deformations or breakages occur in the centre or the ends of the platforms.

TECNALIA is an ENAC certified body for different tests applicable to Temporary Works Equipment.

For further information on the temporary works equipment tests developed at TECNALIA.

Should you require any further information, please contact Felix Astorkia, Temporary Works Equipment Laboratory Manager.


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