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The new Charpy pendulum determines the toughness of metallic materials

TECNALIA's mechanical testing lab has been equipped with new impact testing equipment to determine the notch toughness of metallic materials.

In materials science, toughness is defined as the ability of a material to absorb or accumulate energy during impact without fracturing. It combines the strength and deformability of the material, expressed as the energy it absorbs when it deforms and breaks on impact from a sudden external force. The principal method used to determine this property is the Charpy impact test, using the Charpy pendulum.

The pendulum acquired for our mechanical testing lab comes with accessories for testing to all scales defined in international Charpy impact standards (ISO-148 and ASTM E23). It can also be used for Izod impact testing, to determine the toughness of plastic materials, and even for tensile impact testing.

The machine can test all types of metallic materials, including stainless steels, up to capacities of 450 J. It has a digital display panel and software to collect and process data, export results and even produce reports. This will allow us to include impact testing in our current laboratory digitalisation process, intended to keep us at the forefront of new technology.

The array of destructive tests we carry out in our mechanical testing lab allow us to characterise materials and finished components from any industrial sector.

We are experts in static and dynamic testing on universal machines and multiaxial test platforms across a wide range of requirements (traction, compression, bending, etc.), in addition to performing hardness, creep, fatigue, fracture mechanics tests, among others. We can conduct them at ambient, increased or reduced temperatures.

We can also conduct testing according to product or material standards or customer specifications, as well as designing custom tests to validate products and components structurally, ensuring their safety and/or quality.

We offer comprehensive structural integrity assessment services to industry in general and manufacturers across an array of sectors, including automotive, food production, energy, healthcare, rail and capital goods.

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