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We have launched HQE certification for sustainable infrastructures in Spain


“HQE Infrastructures” will evaluate and certify sustainability applicable to all types of infrastructure projects

HQE entered the Spanish market just a year ago to achieve sustainability performance granting increased relevance to life cycle analysis in construction, health, personal comfort and in the internal environment. It was created in France more than 20 years ago and already has more than 77 million m2 in certified buildings worldwide.

The sustainable building evaluation and certification method HQE continues its implementation process in Spain with the launch of infrastructure certification.

“HQE Infrastructures” will evaluate and certify sustainability applicable to all infrastructure projects, including the transport of passengers and goods (roads, trains, urban transport, waterways, stations, ports, airports, etc.). To do so, it may be applied in the design phase and in the post-construction phase through on-site audits by TECNALIA.

Impact of the infrastructures

Infrastructures are an essential link, guaranteeing the mobility of the population within the municipality or between cities. To provide users with a comfortable environment and reduce the impact of infrastructures on the environment, it is necessary to have global control of sustainable development in their projects.

The owners of these initiatives can have global control over sustainable development in their infrastructure projects: limit their impact on the environment, improve the surroundings of the inhabitants and address the economic development problems of the regions.

Having a certified infrastructure through the “HQE Infrastructures” scheme offers benefits for constructors and developers and future users. In turn, it addresses the need to limit our impact on the environment.

Developers and construction companies may have a quality brand and increase their sustainability credentials, offering added value to their projects. They obtain accredited recognition by an external, impartial and reliable agent, hence demonstrating that the project adapts to the objectives of sustainable development.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Objetivos sostenibilidad HQE Tecnalia

Four key phases of the process

Accreditation can be obtained for each of the four key phases of the process.

  1. At the end of the informative study or draft project
  2. At the end of the design project
  3. During the works
  4. Following the commissioning of the infrastructure

What does HQE InfrastructuresTM certification offer?

  • Respect for the environment: generation of natural environments, efficient management of water, energy and waste, ensuring the incorporation of essential pillars for sustainable development.
  • Life quality: connections, accessibility and safety. Adaptability and maintenance of the infrastructure. Health and pollution control, comfort of spaces, social cohesion. Landscape, heritage and identity.
  • Long-term economic profitability
  • Resilience and risk control
  • Contribution to territorial development

The certification, backed by obtaining a certificate in each project phase, enables:

  • Differentiating and adding value to the infrastructures projects carried out in the region
  • Accredited recognition by an external, impartial and reliable agent to be obtained, hence demonstrating that the project adapts to the objectives of sustainable development.
  • Spreading the certification on a large scale and be supported by the renowned HQE brand

For further information, visit our website or contact Olga Alonso or David Lanchas.

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