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"We help our clients, performing their product assessment to verify whether they comply with safety and quality standards demanded"


Interview with Lucía Gómez, Head of Construction Material Laboratory

What solutions do you offer construction material manufacturers?
TECNALIA Construction Material Laboratory has accumulated over 60 years' experience in the sector.

We help our clients by assessing their products to find out whether they comply with the safety and quality standards demanded at regulatory and market levels.

We work according to national and international regulations.
In addition, as a laboratory we work with different certification bodies, through the performance of tests for voluntary markings and specific regulations.
In this laboratory in particular we assess different construction products: aggregates, concrete, cement, floor tiles, baked clay, as well as quality control regarding building as well as civil work.

We take part in the design and development of procedures and/or testing methods to assess innovative products produced by our clients.

What are the most unique assessments and tests offered by you?
Some of the unique testing we offer at TECNALIA Testing Laboratory is linked to two major challenges in the sector such as waste recovery, environmental issues and industrial construction.

  • Determination of particular characteristics of alternative aggregates as demolition material (component testing) or steel slag (volume stability or accelerate ageing tests), for the recovery of this type of materials.
  • Unique test bench for large parts such as large pre-fabricated parts in concrete, molten steel, composites or other materials.

How is your laboratory certified and accredited?
At TECNALIA we have multiple accreditations. In particular, our laboratory is accredited by the Spanish National Accreditation Body (ENAC) for testing Concrete, concrete derivatives and components such as aggregates, cement and baked clay products.
In addition to this, we are a notified body and technical assessment body within the European Construction Products Regulation Framework.

What is the profile of your clients?
We have very different customers. On the one hand, we have construction material manufacturers and on the other public Administrations, construction firms and promoters. We have national and international clients.

How do you see the market today?
We are currently seeing an incipient recovery of a sector which is adapting to new business models and as a laboratory we must adapt to this new scenario.


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