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We show companies in Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) to systematise innovation


Our colleagues, José Luis Elejalde and Iñigo Urarte recently discussed the benefits of Systematic Innovation at a forum attended by numerous entrepreneurs of the region

José Luis Elejalde, Director de Lab_services de TECNALIA

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.- To enable entrepreneurs and investors in Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) to discover the positive advantages of systematically innovating in their businesses, the Socio-economic and Technological Innovation Centre (IST Centre), and the Secretariat for Economic Development of the Municipal Government, in coordination with TECNALIA, organised the 'Innovation Forum: Companies Facing the Challenge of Systematic Innovation'.

The event, which was held last Thursday at a well-known hotel in the city of Nuevo Laredo, included the participation of over twenty entrepreneurs and company directors, customs agencies and schools, to find out about the new theme of innovation.

The conferences were given by José Luis Elejalde, Director of Lab_Services at TECNALIA and Iñigo Urarte Ibáñez, representative of the Innovation Office at TECNALIA, who showed attendees the competitive advantages for companies, from small butcher's to large industries which already apply systematic and technological innovation, helping them to grow economically and to expand.

Daniel Covarrubias Peña also participated in the forum, speaking about the achievements of the Socio-economic and Technological Innovation Centre (IST Centre), which he runs. The IST Centre is an initiative of the Government of Nuevo Laredo which aims to modernise and transform the region's production sector through the incorporation of knowledge and technology in companies and in which TECNALIA has participated actively in its design, conceptualisation and setting up.

In addition to raising awareness of the benefits and methods of systematic innovation, they were also offered guidance and resources for the creation of an innovation agenda as a tool to systematise and innovate in companies in Nuevo Laredo and in which TECNALIA has participated in the Design, conceptualisation and setting up of the Socio-economic and Technological Innovation Centre in Nuevo Laredo”.[PR1] 

TECNALIA Nuevo Laredo Iñigo   TECNALIA Nuevo Laredo Jose Luis Elejalde

*Images of the speeches: Iñigo Urarte and José Luis Elejalde.

The innovation agendas were presented to close the forum with a question and answer session among the representatives of the companies. Further information on the forum #NLD #TAM #EconomicDevelopmentNLD


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