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Investigación de Siniestros –IS- and TECNALIA join forces to investigate the causes of losses, claims and accidents


The forensic engineering company and the applied research centre signed a cooperative agreement to join forces and ensure that the causes of the claims and incidents they investigate can be reliably and consistently determined, while confirming their hypotheses with greater guarantees

The forensic engineering company Investigación de Siniestros - IS – and the Applied Research and Technological Development Centre TECNALIA today signed a framework agreement to ensure their cooperation in the investigation of losses, claims and accidents and greater guarantees when clarifying the causes and formally confirming their hypotheses. The official agreement, signed today by IS General Director, José Manuel Herrero Sánchez, and TECNALIA’S Technological Services Director, José Luis Elejalde Hernani, will be in force for an initial period of two years.

The accident and fault investigators of IS will be working in symbiosis with the failure analysis experts of TECNALIA to investigate accidents and failures: IS will be covering onsite and field investigations at the site of the incidents, whilst TECNALIA will cover the laboratory failure analyses. The investigation centre has more than 15 years of experience in forensic analyses (post-mortem analyses) for insurers, loss adjustment companies and industry in general. Their work consists of performing “autopsies” on the components that may have caused the incident, to determine why they failed. For its part, IS has more than 20 years’ experience in the application of forensic engineering techniques in cause studies.

The failure analysis team from the investigation centre has extensive experience in the investigation of fault causes, RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and ECA (Engineering Critical Assessment), as well as in providing assessment in prevention and the improvement of components and systems.

The studies carried out by the TECNALIA experts range from mechanical failures (fracture mechanics), corrosion, erosion-friction-wear and high temperatures to metal, plastic and ceramic components and composites, welding work and painting and lining works.

For its part, IS specialises in determining the causes of claims, losses and incidents, based on a visual inspection of the site/failures and the examination and verification of the documents connected to the possible circumstances and causes of the loss (specifications, design,

manufacture, assembly and commissioning, operation and maintenance), to prepare a Cause Report explaining their modus operandi and including the technical documentation used to substantiate the conclusions reached with regard to the origin/cause of a loss/failure, and where liability may attach.

This cooperation will allow the organisations to combine their strengths, their skills and their human, physical and technological resources, to reach definitive and reliable conclusions, based on solid evidence, of the causes of any incidents.

Both organisations have extensive experience in identifying and accrediting the circumstances of interest related to the specifications, designs, manufacture, assembly and commissioning, operation and maintenance operations that have had an effect in an incident.

Commitment to a “comprehensive service”

When signing the agreement, José Luis Elejalde said that “We want to prove our firm commitment to the development of a comprehensive service that will allow us to provide our clients, the insurance firms, loss adjustment offices, law bureaus and industry in general, with better loss investigation services”. He also added that this agreement will improve the investigations, technological development and human resources, and help to guarantee the optimal training of all agents involved in loss investigations, making the firms more competitive in the face of current challenges: “We have no doubt whatsoever that formalising this agreement will be to our mutual benefit, allowing us to introduce new services that the market demands, more in tune with current requirements, and which will spur us on, once again, to innovate in our testing, analysis and inspection services and to improve people’s quality of life”, Elejalde emphasised.

José Manuel Herrero said that “The consolidation of this agreement will allow us to develop services in the field of forensic engineering and to take on complex cases where we need to combine a rigorous investigation method with high-level technological support, all in order to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients in terms of timeframes, quality and results”. Plus, he added, this agreement will allow the organisations to exchange experiences and guide all the strategies linked to action plans, in terms of the core functions of their services on the national and international levels.


IS, Investigación de Siniestros, was founded in 1995 and is the benchmark company in loss and fault analyses in Spain and Portugal, with offices in Latin America as well. It specialises in areas as diverse as: Fires and Explosions, Machinery Breakdowns, Product Liability, Contractor/Construction, Building and Civil Works Claims, Accidents in the Workplace, Environmental Emergencies and Incidents in the Agricultural Sectors.

Likewise, the company has a technical team that specialises in providing assessment to businesses regarding potential industrial, employment and environmental risks, as well as risk inspections and safety audits that help to prevent losses.


TECNALIA Research & Innovation is the first Private Applied Research and Technological Development Centre in Spain and one of the most important centres in Europe; with more than 1,400 experts, of over 30 different nationalities, focusing on transforming knowledge into GDP to improve people's quality of life, by creating business opportunities for companies.

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