Air and acoustic quality

Calidad del aire y acústica

We provide the administration and private companies with expert advice and design products and systems to improve environmental quality and to offer comfortable spaces (air, acoustic and thermal quality, among others). We cater for those situations where industrial and mobility infrastructures may have an impact on a city.

Our key technologies include the following:

  • The combination of the modelling of environmental variables (air and acoustic quality, among others) together with sensorial data and assessments of citizen perception in order to design and implement diagnostic, control and decision-making systems for managing the outdoor environment, which combine multi-criteria analysis with spatial-temporal analysis (GIS).
  • Experimental capacity in the field and in the laboratory.
  • Application of ICT technologies for developing mobile applications to facilitate the deployment of citizen observatories.
  • Advanced simulation for designing solutions that improve environmental conditions and comfort in inhabited spaces. When combined with experimentation, it minimises processes, times and costs of prototyping.

External partners

Ghent University
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International Presence

EUROCITIES - Noise Working Group
European Network of Environment research Organisations (ENERO)
UERA - Urban Europe Research Alliance
Itziar Aspuru

Itziar Aspuru

Head of Air and acoustic quality
Propuesta metodológica para el diseño de espacios urbanos confortables

Methodological proposal for the design of comfortable urban spaces

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