Life cycle and eco-design

We develop assessment-diagnosis methodologies and operational solutions based on the principles of the circular economy in order to increase the sustainability of production and territorial systems.

Consequently, we generate economic value, both for industry and society, through industrial and organisational sustainability, and urban and territorial sustainability.

The key technologies we rely on to provide solutions for a circular economy are as follows:

  • Ecodesign of products through C-LCA, LCC, SLCA, LCSA, carbon, ecological and water footprints.
  • Material Flow Analysis: analysis of the urban metabolism and mass and material balances, at an urban, sectoral, regional and national level.
  • Hybrid models (such as DEA) for technical, economic and environmental assessments.
  • Methodologies and tools for cooperation between agents in a value chain, in order to optimise the life cycle, promote industrial symbiosis and search for synergies in a territory or region.
  • Methodologies and tools for developing strategies at a regional and international level, and analysis and design of instruments for efficiency in the consumption of resources.

External partners

ECERA (European Circular Economy Research Alliance)

International Presence

European Network of Environment research Organisations (ENERO)
KIC Raw Materials
EIT-Climate KIC
SPIRE PPP on resources efficiency
G-STIC Global Sustainable Technology & Innovation Community
CESP (Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform)
Aritz Alonso

Aritz Alonso

Head of Life cycle and eco-design
Economía circular, soluciones para una nueva economía

Circular economy: solutions for a new economy (Spanish)

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Urban habitat, a development-promoting environment (Spanish)

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