Cementitious materials

Materiales cementicios

We work to improve properties, add new functionalities, optimise production processes and develop new processes for cement-based materials. We do all this in order to achieve more sustainable materials and products from an economic, environmental and performance point of view.

Our main key technologies include the following:

  • Computational simulation and digitisation tools for studying hydration and transport processes that affect the structure and end properties of the material.
  • Addition-based synthesis technologies (inorganic nanoparticles, nanostructured materials)
  • Technologies for the synthesis of eco-cements with a lower production of CO2 and their reuse.
  • Digitisation technologies for separating and reusing cement-based waste.
  • Additive manufacturing for developing cement-based products with savings on material and a unique design.

Our experience and know-how allow us to tackle various problems that affect the sectors of the construction value chain: cement plants, prefabrication companies, concrete manufacturers and the chemical industry, among others.

External partners

BASKRETE - Basque Country Initiative for Cement and Concrete Research
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International Presence

Edurne Erkizia, PhD

Edurne Erkizia, PhD

Head of Cementitious materials
Construction materials and products brochure

Construction materials and products brochure

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