Design and Simulation

Diseño y simulación

Our technologies focus on design engineering, analysis and simulation for developing and optimising components, assemblies, subsystems, systems and complete pieces of equipment.

They range from the conceptual design phase, through multi-physics functional calculations and simulations, to prototyping, analysis and experimental validation.

Key design and prototyping technologies:

  • Design, calculation and optimisation of machines and machine components
  • New machine and system concepts and architectures.
  • Design, calculation and construction of functional prototypes of systems, machines and machine components

Key analysis and simulation technologies:

  • Mechanical and structural analysis and simulation of components, systems and equipment: deformations, stresses, fatigue, dynamics.
  • Thermal and thermal-structural analysis and simulation.
  • Fluid dynamics analysis and simulation
  • Combined analysis and simulation (multiphysics).
  • Kinematics and dynamics of machines.
  • Calculation and analysis of drives, transmissions and guides.
  • Digital machine models.
  • Analysis of vibrations.
Oihane Beloki

Oihane Beloki

Head of Design and simulation