Membrane technology and process intensification

Tecnología de membranas e intensificación de procesos

We develop membranes and membrane reactors for industrial gas production and separation demands to reduce energy expenses, increase efficiency, reduce costs and reduce the environmental impact of the separations. We look at the characterisation of membranes in real conditions and make prototype equipment to demonstrate the operability of our developments.

This technology allows us to obtain smaller, cleaner and more efficient units, reducing the number of basic process operations and developing multifunctional equipment (process intensification).

Our technological solutions include:

  • Developing membranes and specific processes for separating gases in different sectors. Gases such as H2, O2, CO2, CH4; olefin-paraffin mixtures and water in organic solvents.
  • Providing support in the correct selection of membranes.
  • Assessing the behaviour of materials under “laboratory” conditions.
  • Characterising membranes for pure gases and gas mixtures under operating conditions.
  • Integrating membranes into membrane reactors: process intensification Producing H2 from methane, biogas, ethanol and others, and recovering CO2.

External partners

Eindhoven University - University of Technology - Tu/e

International Presence

Hydrogen Europe Research
IA hySafe: International Association on Hydrogen Safety
CO2 value Europe
NAMS-The North American Membrane Society
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Jon Zuñiga

Jon Zuñiga

Head of Membrane technology and process intensification

Membrane technology

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