Sustainable chemistry

Síntesis química

We develop innovative conversion and separation technologies to fully harness biomass, secondary streams and CO2 to obtain new products, and to improve chemical and biological processes by increasing their efficiency and reducing their costs for practically all industrial sectors.

Our key technologies include:

  • Chemical and biological synthesis.
  • Separation for recovery and purification.
  • Improved catalytic systems and micro-organisms.
  • Intensified processes by using milli-structured reactors, scaling, and chromatographic analysis.
  • Electrochemical process, and chemical, thermochemical and biological conversion processes, together with separation processes for recovering and purifying products from reaction media.
  • New technologies for capturing and purifying gases, treating and purifying water and recovering solid waste.

All of the processes undertaken incorporate aspects such as economic, environmental and social sustainability.

We develop new processes for synthesising, separating and purifying new compounds and materials, which can be applied to a wide range of industrial sectors: chemistry, energy, pharmaceuticals, agri-food, medicine, eco-industry, construction, medicine; the intermediate compound industry for these sectors; water, gas and solid waste treatment, among others.

External partners

AERTOS (Bio-based economy)

International Presence

KIC Innoenergy
SPIRE PPP on resources efficiency
CO2 value Europe
BIC-Biobased industries consortium
SUSPLAST- Interdisciplinary Platform for Sustainable Plastics towards a Circular Economy
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Soraya Prieto, PhD

Soraya Prieto, PhD

Head of Sustainable chemistry
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