Sustainable aviation, smart manufacturing and air mobility

Movilidad aérea


7 June 2022 - 9 June 2022




9:00 am - 6:00 pm

AEROSPACE & DEFENCE MEETINGS: the international business meeting for the aerospace and defence sector

The aeronautical sector has a direct impact on the global economy growth due to its competitive, innovative and dynamic nature driven by major external determinants. This is one of the most sensitive sectors to external changes. But it is precisely because of that, because it has to face a changing environment every day, that it has become one of the most competitive, most innovative and most dynamic sectors, with a greater capacity to adapt and improve.

In addition, these are times of deep transformation for air mobility which will revolutionise the sector and is already leading to the next generation aeronautics.

TECNALIA and innovative technologies for the aeronautical sector

We have an in-depth knowledge of materials and processes, advanced manufacturing, mechanical, electric and electronic engineering, robotics and ICTs, combined with extended experience in the development of specific solutions for systems or customised solutions in cooperation with our clients. We will make this knowledge available to the attendees of this international business meeting for the aerospace and defence sector Aerospace & Defence Meetings Sevilla.

  • We will talk about the manufacture of lightweight and highly integrated components, functional and high performance materials and solutions for the digitisation of the sector. The aim is to achieve sustainable and intelligent air mobility, with zero carbon and environmental footprint.

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