Artificial intelligence laboratory (energy, industry, audiovisual media, logistics and transport)

Laboratorio de inteligencia artificial (para energía, industria, audiovisual, logística y transporte)

Infrastructure for developing artificial intelligence models aimed at solving specific problems when making decisions both on the operation and maintenance of systems and services, and in the planning phase of strategies.

We also devise IT architecture based on best DevOps practices to facilitate its implementation.


In this laboratory we work on AI as a high value element that allows us to develop:

  • Stochastic optimisation algorithms.
  • Innovative analytical models.
  • Advanced cognitive methods.
  • Multi-target optimisation techniques.
  • Hardware and software implementation of advanced cognitive and smart algorithms.

We have unique infrastructures for massive data management in this and our Smart Mobility Lab. It is composed of:

  • Big Data infrastructure:
    • HortonWorks/Cloudera
    • RAW
    • Spark Real-time
  • CPU infrastructure (Proc-CPU): our machine is based on the x86 platform with 28-core Intel Xeon Platinum processors.
  • CLOUD infrastructure:
    • “On-premises” virtualisation system.
    • Hardware environment for testing distributed systems.
    • Collection of mobile content: smartphone and tablet, among others.
    • Content processing (two Mac-Pros, one MacBook-Pro and a Matlab licence).
    • Long-term storage and cloud backup.
    • Interconnection of systems in the rack.
    • Customisable firewall.
    • Security module.
    • GPU calculation system: specific platform for GPU-based mathematical calculations.

Aimed at:

Managers responsible for the digital transformation of companies:

  • Managers responsible for operating and maintaining systems and services.
  • Managers responsible for strategic decision-making in the planning phase.

International Presence

BDVA-Big Data Value Association
Data Analytics. La revolución de los datos masivos

Data Analytics. The mass data revolution (Spanish)

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