Genetics laboratory

Laboratorio de genética

This laboratory carries out services that are essentially within the bio-health sector, specifically in the field of genetics and functional genomics, using new high-performance technologies such as gene sequencing.



  • NGS mass sequencing, DNA microarrays and in vitro assays.
  • Analysis of the absence of DNase, RNase and DNA in laboratory consumables.
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) using NGS.
  • Genetic diagnosis.
  • Forensic genetic identification – DNA analysis.

The laboratory has three clearly differentiated areas, two of which are intended for preparing PCR reactions and handling and analysing RNA.


  • Illumina MiSeq Sequencer: QS7 Real-Time PCR System
  • NanoDrop 2000c
  • 2720 Thermal cycler
  • Verity
  • Digi Genius gel documentation system
  • Power Pac Basic Power Supply electrophoresis system
  • Applied Biosystems 3130XL Genetic analyser
  • Biocap DNA/RNA biosafety cabinet
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyser
  • ABI 7300 Real-time thermal cycler
  • 6100 Nucleic Acid Prep Station nucleic acid extractor
  • Eppendorf vacuum concentrator 5301
  • GenePix 4100ª microarray scanner
  • CHEMI-DOC XRS+ (BIO RAD) image analysis system
  • PROTEAN IEF SYSTEM (BIO RAD) first-dimension separation system
  • SYNERGY HT (BIOTEK) microplate reader

Aimed at:

  • Assisted reproduction clinics (IVFs) that require pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGT-A, PGT-M).
  • Hospitals and clinics that require genetic diagnosis.
  • Universities and research centres that require mass analysis technologies.
  • Forensic science (forensic genetics, human identification)
  • Pharmaceutical industry and derivatives (Pharmacogenetics and Companion Diagnostics)
  • Quality control in the food industry (DNase-, RNase- and DNA-free tests)
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Accreditations and Certifications

ENAC 2511
ENAC/ILAC accredited in compliance with standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 for Forensic Analysis Testing no. 4/LE2511
Gobierno Vasco
Health Authorisation granted by the Basque Government for the Installation and Operation of the Genetics Laboratory
PGD Preinplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD

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Genetic Diagnosis Testing services

Genetic Diagnosis brochure

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