Laboratory service

NGS mass sequencing, DNA microarrays and in vitro assays

Secuenciación masiva NGS, ADN Microrrays, y Ensayos in vitro

We work with the Bio-health and Food sector in the fields of genetics and functional genomics, using new, high performance technologies such as gene sequencing.

Mass sequencing (NGS) is the most advanced sequencing analysis technology that allows a single gene, multiple genes (panels) or the whole exome to be analysed in a single test, hence reducing time and costs.

The following technologies installed in the equipment are particularly noteworthy:

  • Gene sequencing: Illumina NGS and capillary electrophoresis.
  • Identification of genetic modifications (mutations, SNPs, CNVs, LOH) and genome epigenetics (DNA methylation).
  • Transcriptome Analysis (Agilent oligo arrays).
  • Bioinformatic analysis and interpretation of results.
  • Cell cultures and in vitro assays: flow cytometry, enzyme activity, immunoassays, cell viability and proliferation tests.

We also offer the following additional services:


Detection and identification of micro-organisms using sequencing techniques:

  • Environmental microbial monitoring.
  • Control at pharmaceutical product manufacturing plants.
  • Control of micro-organisms in the food industry.
  • Identification of virus and pathogens (human and animal).

FOOD safety, authenticity, traceability and quality:

  • Detection of fraud in food labelling: genetic identification of the composition of animal and/or vegetable origin processed foods.
  • Identification of Genetically Modified Organisms GMOs.

Aimed at:

  • Assisted reproduction clinics (IVFs) that require pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGT-A, PGT-M).
  • Hospitals and clinics that require genetic diagnosis.
  • Universities and research centres that require mass analysis technologies.
  • Forensic science (forensic genetics, human identification)
  • Pharmaceutical industry and derivatives. (Pharmacogenetics and Companion Diagnostics).
  • Quality control in the food industry (DNase-, RNase- and DNA-free tests)

Certifications and Accreditations

ENAC 2511
ENAC/ILAC accredited in compliance with standard UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 for Forensic Analysis Testing no. 4/LE2511
Gobierno Vasco
Health Authorisation granted by the Basque Government for the Installation and Operation of the Genetics Laboratory

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis PGD

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