Functional printing laboratory

Laboratorio de formulación e impresión de tintas

Functional printing laboratory for developing new products based on printing functional inks onto various substrates and subsequently curing them (UV, thermal).

It has complete equipment for making functional prototypes, and for formulating dispersions of nanoparticles to obtain new conductive / dielectric inks and characterising them.


This laboratory allows greater flexibility, speed and reliability when executing functional printing processes. It has:

  • 2D surface printing equipment:
    • Nordson 3-Axis EV5 dispensing robot.
    • Dimatix DMP2831 inkjet printing.
    • AUREL Automation model 900 screen printing.
  • Unique equipment for printing on complex 3D parts:
    • Neotech PJ15X 5-head system that combines printing technology with a piezo actuator, aerosol jet and 5-axis motion control, allowing 3D structures to be printed. It supports a printing area of 400 x 300 x 140 mm (X-Y-Z) and a layer thickness >20 μm.
  • Ink curing equipment: UV curing and formic acid curing ovens.
  • Equipment for characterising inks with nanoparticles: Ag nanowires, Cu and Ag micro/nano particles, graphene, dielectric nanoparticles. Equipment for functional characterisation: Agilent / Keithley LCR meters / thermal imaging camera.
  • Connectors, microcontrollers and components required to complete the manufacture of electronic devices and test them.
  • Others: SECABO C60IV plotter.
  • Fume cupboard for working under safe conditions when dispersing nanoparticles in solvents to develop formulations for new functional inks. Area for cleaning screen printing screens with solvents.

Aimed at:

  • Graphic arts, lighting and decoration companies, manufacturers of aerospace and automotive components, with a need for lightweighting and volume reduction solutions and an interest in jointly developing new products based on functional ink printing.