Automated composite manufacturing pilot plant

Planta piloto de fabricación automatizada de composites

The plant facilitates developments in high performance composite structures, with new manufacturing systems for automated production, structures with a high level of integration, parts based on low cost thermoplastic resins and recycled fibres, composite elements with integrated electronics and new concepts of composite structures based on additive manufacturing.


The pilot plant has the following equipment:

  • Autoclave
  • Press + IR furnace
  • Hot forming bench
  • TFP machine
  • Pick & place cell and automated hot forming
  • Rapid wrapping machine
  • Thermoforming machine
  • Moulds fitted with sensors
  • Permeability measuring device
  • RTM thermoset and thermoplastic injection devices
  • Mould carrier
  • Power sources and resistive heated moulds
  • Robot with pick & place claws, US cutting device and hot forming column
  • 3D tufting head
  • Additive manufacturing machines
  • Nanomaterial extruder and conventional extruder
  • Plastic injection moulding machine
  • Equipment for on-site repairs
  • Ovens
  • Mould controllers

Aimed at:

  • Companies in the transport sector interested in lightweighting solutions based on composites, and manufacturers of materials, semi-finished products or finished parts in composite materials.
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