Laboratory service

Testing of plastics and composites

Ensayos a plásticos y composites

We test and analyse plastics and composites (carbon fiber, glass fiber, sandwich materials…) to ensure the product properties and optimise their useful life.

We offer comprehensive characterisation of these materials, including artificial ageing tests, mechanical and physical characterisation, chemical composition and resistance, biodegradation, fire reaction, optical characterisation, failure analysis, certification, etc.

We provide comprehensive quality control and performance assessment of plastics and polymers for numerous industrial segments.

 Tests and Standards

  • Biodegradability and compostability (EN 13432, EN 14855-2)
  • Performance when exposed to external agents: QUV; ATLAS Ci3000, temperature-humidity, salt spray, thermal shock,
    moisture saturation climatic chambers, etc. (EN 4892, ISO 16474, EN 438-2, ISO 9227, ISO 6270, etc.)
  • Physical-chemical Tests: rheological properties, thermal properties, water absorption, water vapour transmission, hardness, etc. (EN 1931, EN 12086, EN 12572, EN 13469, UNE 56875, EN 12087, EN 1609, EN 12608, ISO 6504, UNE 48027, ISO 2811-1, ISO 1183-1, ISO 306, UNE 56868, ISO 815-1, etc.)
  • Mechanical Tests: tensile strength, bending, compression, shearing, impact, abrasion, scratching, adherence, etc. (ISO 527, ISO 178, ISO 826, ISO 179-1, ISO 14125, EN 438, UNE 48250, EN 14509, ASTM D790, ASTM D638, ASTM D903, ASTM D1781, ASTM D1002, EN 2243, EN 1464, etc.)
  • Identification of chemical composition (DSC, FTIR, TGA, etc.)
  • Optical properties: Colour, brightness, IR transmission / reflection and emissivity (ISO 2813, UNE 11664, ISO 4582, etc.)
  • Biological Tests: Fungicide efficacy
    • Bactericide, algaecide and fungicide efficacy tests (ISO 22196)
  • Fire performance: Reaction to fire, toxicity and smoke opacity
  • Food suitability tests
  • Acoustic and thermal characterisation tests: Impact sound UNE EN ISO 101401-1 (Annex H), dynamic stiffness , ISO 9052-1 and sound absorption, UNE ISO 354

Aimed at:

  • Manufacturers of raw materials
  • Recycling Firms
  • Transformers for the construction, packaging, electrical and electronic components, transport sectors, etc.

Accreditations and Recognition

-	Acreditación ENAC ILAC para el sector materiales según ISO 17025 con nº expediente 4/LE063,
Laboratory certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 (ENAC certification No. 4/LE063)
AIRBUS authorized Laboratory for Surface Treatment
AIRBUS authorised Laboratory for surface treatments
NADCAP MTL accreditation for Materials Testing
Nadcap accreditation for chemical processes
NADCAP MTL accreditation for Materials Testing
Nadcap accreditation for material testing
Laboratorio autorizado por la ESA (Agencia Espacial Europea) para “SMT Microsectioning” según ECSS-ST-Q-70-38
European Space Agency (ESA) authorised laboratory
Organismo de Evaluación Técnica (OET) para la emisión de documentos de Evaluación Técnica Europea (ETE) para los Productos de Construcción
Technical Assessment Body (TAB) for issuing European Technical Assessments (ETAs) for Construction Products.
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Technological Services for Construction Materials Brochure

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ensayos a plasticos y componenentes miniatura tecnalia

Plastics and composites testing brochure (Spanish)

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