Laboratory for electromagnetic assisted manufacturing technologies

Laboratorio de tecnologías de fabricación asistida con energía electromagnética

Laboratory and pilot plant for studying, developing and fine-tuning the processing of materials assisted by electromagnetic technologies, primarily microwave, radio frequency and induction.


The laboratory makes it possible to study and fine tune processes assisted by heating technologies based on directly coupling materials to be processed to sources of electromagnetic excitation (microwaves, radio frequency, induction).

Dielectric (MW, RF) heating processes, such as microwave drying, firing and sintering of ceramics, polymerisation of composites, activation of adhesives/sealants, glass melting, cement clinkering ; and chemical processes such as pyrolysis and purely electrical heating processes (induction), as an alternative to conventional processes.

The equipment available in the laboratory includes:

  • Various MW equipment at 2.45 and 5.8 GHz, single and multi-mode up to 9 kW, with various alternatives for controlling the treatment atmosphere (low vacuum, controlled atmosphere), with continuous control of the power and temperature of the process.
  • Pilot plant equipment for continuous microwave processing up to 30 kW at 433 MHz.
  • RF laboratory equipment.
  • Induction equipment at 18 kHz / 30 kW with different application coils (flat, circular, …)

Aimed at:

  • Companies that want to evolve their industrial processes towards improved energy efficiency and electrification (CO2 reduction).