Pilot plant for advanced ceramics processing and powder metallurgy

Planta piloto de procesamiento de cerámicas avanzadas y pulvimetalurgia

Combination of laboratories and pilot plant for developing materials and processes in the field of technical ceramics and powder metallurgy for applications in extreme conditions.


The pilot plant for processing advanced ceramics and powder metallurgy has specific equipment for carrying out all stages of the production processes:

  • Equipment for processing raw materials (mills, mixers, granulators and atomisers)
  • Forming equipment (pressing, casting, powder injection moulding)
  • Heat treatment equipment (removal and sintering furnaces up to 2200 ºC in various atmospheres – oxidising, inert, reducing, low/high vacuum)

This equipment is complemented by specific equipment for simultaneous forming and sintering:

  • HP (hot press)
  • SPS (spark plasma sintering)
  • ERS (electrical resistance sintering)

Aimed at:

  • Companies in any sector looking for ceramic and metal solutions based on alternative materials and processes.
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