Motion analysis laboratory

Laboratorio análisis de movimiento

The motion analysis laboratory is equipped with pioneering technology that makes it possible to carry out an exhaustive analysis of human movement, in particular of people with neuromuscular diseases, and to apply the results to optimising treatments and medical devices.


At our laboratory, we develop medical tools to improve the quality of life of patients with motor damage, such as: hemiplegia (after a stroke), spina bifida and neuromuscular dysfunctions.

We are also developing new technologies and testing prototypes made by companies in the sector, and customising rehabilitation treatments that can be carried out by clinics themselves.

The laboratory has an area of 90 m2 dedicated to studying the movement of the human body and biomechanical analysis, which is equipped with the following equipment:

  • Simi Shape 3D platform: a markerless optical motion capture system with 8 high-speed cameras that obtains positions from the silhouette.
  • Codamotion platform: an optical motion capture system with high precision infrared markers. Portable equipment for field studies.
  • RYSEN (Motek) system: a platform for carrying out studies and therapies in the field of neuro-rehabilitation. This innovative equipment provides vertical and horizontal forces on patients in a safe environment with medical grade certification.
  • Accelerometer platform (STT): wireless system based on inertial sensors for biomechanical analysis
  • Biomechanical analysis software (Odin, iSens, Simi).
  • Trigno Avanti (Delsys) platform for wireless electromyography recording
  • Force measurement platform (AMTI, BTS).
  • Pressure measurement platforms (Tekscan).

Aimed at:

  • Companies
  • Universities
  • Research centres
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centres

International Presence

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