Multi-process thermal spraying laboratory and cell

Laboratorio y célula de proyección térmica multiproceso

Laboratory equipped with thermal spray technologies, such as atmospheric plasma spraying (APS), HVOF and HVOAF high velocity thermal spray combustion, HFPD detonation thermal spraying, cold spraying (CS) and liquid precursor plasma spraying (LP-PS).


The thermal spray technologies available in the laboratory are as follows:

  • HVOF-HVOAF systems.
  • HFPD detonation thermal spraying equipment.
  • Cold spraying (CS) torches.
  • Liquid precursor plasma spraying (LP-PS) equipment.
  • APS and SPS F4 plasma torch.

Other laboratory equipment includes:

  • Integrated automatic process control and gas control unit for spraying processes.
  • Powder feeders: Twin, HP GTS and Termika models.
  • 3 x 4 x 3 m thermal spraying chamber.
    • Kuka 300 6 axis robot.
    • KT rotary table.
    • Extraction and filtering systems.
    • CH4, C3H6, O2, N2, Ar, H2, and compressed air gas supply system.
  • Thermal shock tests.
  • Coating adherence tests.

Aimed at:

  • Engineering and industrial maintenance services.
  • Project engineering, prototype design and development.
  • R&D units and industrial product improvement.
  • R&D units in universities and research centres.
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