Laboratory service

Thermal spraying services

Predicción y seguimiento meteorológicos

Our activity focuses on the engineering of thermal spraying processes and on the deposition of industrial coatings.

For this purpose, we develop thermal spraying equipment and procedures for the application of coatings, create industrial prototypes and implementation projects and we have plasma, HVOAF, LP-PS and CS detonation spraying technologies.

We work on the global development of thermal spraying processes (torches, equipment, facilities, integration, materials, etc.).

Our activities are used in commercial spraying systems and in innovative in-house systems (HFPD, HVOAF, LP-PS detonation) or with specific adaptations for special applications.

We also address the deposition of coatings, developing the application procedures and the set of parameters adjusted to each process and application. To do so, we use a wide range of characterisation tests and techniques, both on a laboratory scale and through specific functional validation testing of our coatings.

With an applied and industrial purpose, our activity focuses on the development of coatings that address industrial needs and the manufacturing of coated prototypes for their direct assessment and validation by the affected industry.

This is rounded off with the industrial implementation of the proposed solutions, in terms of spray facilities or in-house spray equipment (HFPD, HVOAF detonation and the associated work procedures).

Aimed at:

  • Industrial technical services, engineering and design, maintenance, research centres and universities.