Laboratory service

Welding services by means of high temperature brazing

Servicios de soldadura por braseado a alta temperatura

The process of vacuum brazing enables similar, dissimilar materials and those of a different nature to be bonded through the melting of only the filler material.

With this service, bonding is achieved without melting the base materials, maintaining their integrity and coatings.

Materials such as ceramics, ceramic and metal matrix composites can be bonded by this process for use at high temperatures.

Bonding is achieved via different heat methods: flame, induction, continuous furnace or vacuum furnace.

It can be used in sectors like the automotive, aeronautical or space industries, whereby it is one of the most used processes in these sectors, which require a high vacuum and electrical insulation.

Aimed at:

  • Companies in which dissimilar joints present difficulties (metal-ceramic) and those in which watertightness takes precedence in their production processes.